My Personal Top Vegetarian Dislikes

1. The smell of beef and fish cooking, particularly Salmon!
2. Self-service buffets where salad choices are garnished with meat, generally pepperoni or pieces of ham.
3. delivered buffets where the server utilizes alike products to dish upwards animal meat and veggie choices.

4. Restaurants that don’t provide a vegetarian option.
5. The cooking of poultry in supermarkets.
6. Car footwear sales…. the dreadful stench through the hamburger vans.
7. Restaurants in which all dining tables have full view and smelling length from the carvery.
8. Airlines that constantly forget that you have pre-ordered a vegetarian meal.
9. Cookery programs on TV…. Let us have a veggie cookery programme for a big change.
10. General lack of understanding for my personal choice to-be veggie.

These are generally a number of my dislikes, should you or the veggie times would like to enhance this listing kindly do this by leaving an answer.